I Hate Pickup Trucks

There is nothing cool about owning a pickup truck without purpose. Farmer - fine. Professional dirt bike racer - fine. Mexican - fine. Own a barn - fine. But if you're a suburban dad who works at a law firm and you own a F-150 with 30 inch tires, I hope you burn your house down while grilling hamburgers for your fat, stupid kids. You are a shithead. Just because your hair is thinning and because you can't get it up anymore does not give you permission to buy a truck that your wife needs a stepladder to get in to.

I fucking hate pickup trucks. If there was an official emblem for fucking douchebags, there would be a hick pickup owner and a hipster mini-cooper owner fucking each other on it. Unless you are one of the aforementioned people from the beginning of this post, there is no purpose to owning a pickup, besides tailgating at NASCAR events and filling the truck-bed with Milwaukee's Best and yelling at women with cankles and getting a terrible sunburn and then going home and hitting your wife and getting arrested with no shirt on. Pickups were created for a reason - to move shit that normal cars could not, from point A to point B, not for you to drive in circles in a mud patch and listen to mashups of Kid Rock and Garth Brooks.

Whenever I'm on the highway and a pickup truck goes speeding past me at the fucking speed of light, I silently pray it fishtails and then skids into a deep ravine, shattering into a million pieces, then explodes into a fiery hell to burn away any DNA remnants of the asshole who was driving the truck. Maybe I just need to understand why, why you insist on driving 90 mph on a back road and kick rocks at my fucking windshield? Where are you going? Do you have to shit real bad? If that's the case, then fine, drive like a madman, but if you are just so inbred that you NEED to drive like Ray-fucking-Charles, than you deserve nothing less than a telephone pole sandwich.

And nothing gets me more than pickup truck decor. Oh, you have Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes pissing on Osama Bin Laden's face on your mudflaps? Wow, what a patriot you are! Go fuck yourself in a sauna, have a heart attack, and die. And what about that confederate flag painted on your back window? I bet you feel real cool dropping racial slurs with your friends Bubba and Jim Lee and Hank and Stinky, but why don't you go carouse a neighborhood that isn't more interested in Bobby Labonte's favorite snack food than the social progression of the 21st century, you fucking hillbilly. Oh look at that, you have a sticker that says OBX on the back window? Now that's telling, considering all the fucking rough and tumble tough guys who go brawl outside their 12 bedroom beach houses in Nags Head.

This weekend was like the gumball rally of asshole pickup truck drivers. Every motherfucker with a flat bed took to the roads, tail gating and menacing 89-year-old retirees on their way to see their grandchildren, weaving through traffic nearly clipping every car out of sight range, determined to not miss another minute of fucking fun in Myrtle Beach, Ocean City, or Wildwood. And why not? This is America, goddammit. Go ahead and drink that six pack of Bud Heavy you have in the console and go ahead and put camping lights on your truck even though you couldn't start a fucking fire with a canister of gasoline and a flamethrower. Go ahead and whistle at girls who would rather ingest cyanide tablets than spend three seconds smelling your Skoal breath. Go ahead and beat up those Guatemalan immigrants and throw your empty Mountain Dew bottles out the window and go ahead and trim your Fu-Man-Chu 'stache. You fucking earned it, you paid your taxes, right? You're a goddamn pickup truck owner!

Real men don't need pickups to feel like a bad-ass. Like Lee Marvin. Lee Marvin probably drove a Chevy Impala. And he probably pulled more ass driving a stock Impala than you ever will in your souped-up Dodge. I bet he fucking slapped guys like you and then drank a bottle of Jack Daniels and smoked two packs of unfiltered Lucky Strikes. You know why? Because he was a fucking man, not some half-wit in jean shorts rocking Hanes high socks and all black Adidas from 1998.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic... and very fitting after this holiday weekend. I kept wondering why the hell these pick up trucks drive so fast. I'd be going 85 and they'd still blow by so fast that my car would shake.

Anonymous said...

You sound like a butthurt faggot. Why you angry though? Your prius stuck in the snow?? Pickups should be the only cars people drive. They can do everything a normal car can do x100. Where do you live anyways? Where i'm from you can't survive the weather in a small ass acura integra or bmw.

ARAR said...

This comment makes me so happy for so many reasons.

1. Because I hate pickup trucks, I'm a butthurt faggot who drives a Prius and/or an Acura Integra and/or a BMW.

2. "Pickups are the only cars people should drive." Agreed, if by people you mean "homophobic hicks who need to compensate for their tiny dicks."

3. Do you live in Antarctica? Why can't you survive where you live without a pickup? Did they ban SUV's? Do they assume you are a butthurt faggot if you don't drive a pickup and kill you?

Darwin said...

U.S. isn't the only place Douche Bag pick up drivers ride the asses of others. Here in Canada, I worry about the safety of my family with all the inbred rednecks driving their F350s like morons. I look forward to the day when gas prices go up enough to thin out the herd of losers. Then more fuel efficient vehicles will be driven on our local roads and I can feel a bit safer not having head-hunting bumpers tailgating my young family while they go to the grocery store.

Anonymous said...

fucking asshole pickuptrucks OWN america you
will NOT get rid of them as long as you live
probably not for too long and all this bullshit about
homophobic and compensating

1. We dont have to like faggots so just live with it

2. if driving a big truck is compensating, is driving
a Golf directly admitting it then?

Fuck you piece of shit

Anonymous said...

Thank you man, I'm with you!

And for you fucking losers who drive those farming equipment on public roads just to get there grocery shopping at walmart, you do look stupid in those ugly trucks. I live in northern Canada I as one of the losers said above that you need one in the winter, well...let me say that you can live without one of those ugly trucks, I never needed one and I never got stuck in snow, always had FWD and not even a problem in the winter. They should learn that a vehicle is all about character, design an efficiency.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I hate pickups for another reason. The TRUTH is, they only drive one of two speeds. Either like a homicidal, dickless homo riding peoples asses when theres a foot of snow on the ground OR, 10 miles and hour SLOWER than everyone else.
9 times out of 10 when traffic is moving along at a snails pace, I look ahead and their will be some scraggly loser with his rusted out pickup just putting along, oblivious to the rest of the people around him.
DONT BE BUTTHURT ABOUT IT, its the truth. I see this every single frigging day.
,Also, a survey posted recently said pickup trucks are the NUMBER ONE vehicle pulled over for DUIs.

Anonymous said...

Another issue about pickup trucks....they are a sure indicator of a trashy neighborhood. I'm moving and one of the first things I do to check out a prospective neighborhood is do a truck check. If I see lots of trucks parked in the driveways (and I don't want hear the crying about how "my truck don't fit in that there garage") I know its a bad hood. Property values are in decline and foreclosures will be on the rise.

Anonymous said...

OMG I HATE HATE HATE men in pickups! They act like they own the road, will tailgate you even if you did 100+ mph. I had one slam into me a few months back and now I live with severe pain because of it. EVERY wreck I see lately is some pickup truck driver that has rearended someone. Start jailing these jerks!!!!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't have said it better.

I actually have a funny antidote for you guys about fucking with the pickemup truck drivers I use to deal with in Watsonville California.

So about 2 years ago I moved to California and started a job that had me traveling in a piece of shit prius (company car) every day over the same route.

Over time I began to notice that the local populace seemed to in general have an issue with the Prius. At first I thought it was just me but over time it was clear. People would pass and tailgate me twice as often as if I were in my Subaru regardless of my speed or driving style.

(No surprise, most Prius drivers are hippy grandmas)

So.. the road I took (Rt. 152 to Gilroy) is about 2 miles of highspeed straights through "rurlurbia" which then turns into a tight mountain pass up and down a 1500 foot mountain.

Now I drove quick enough on the straights (65+ in a 45-50) that most of the SUV brand Desuch wouldn't bother to tailgate/pressure unless I had passed them first. But for reasons unknown every 30-50something yr old white trash farm owner in their F350 and their POS migrant fleet of 90's flatbeds would rage on my bumper for the entirety
of the straights.

I used to get enough satisfaction from blowing them away as soon as we got to the curves/uphill but over time I got fed up. It was literally almost every single pick-up that did this. Something like 80% of the time there was a pick-up sniffing up my ass.

So after a few few months of getting tailgated every day I started to fuck with the trucks with a plan that I implemented for over 2 years.

1. Drive at my pace through the straights

2. Inevitably said trucks will appear and tailgate. Give them a solid mile to chill-out or see if they have the balls to pass me at 65+ on a two-lane road with no clear passing chances (99% won't try)

3. If they were still behind me after a mile I'd slow down (gradually) to the speed limit and laugh at them as they got pissed and tried to intimidate? me by getting as close as possible. (Meanwhile I usually took a mental note of a few of their plate numbers and the make/model/color of the truck)

4. As we approached the grade I'd wait for the first blind corner, slow down to crawl and shout that their truck is a piece of shit and that I was saving the environment with my Prius (Ahaha they really dont!). Then promptly peel out and disappear up the hill having fun all the way to the summit. Where occasionally I'd pull onto a shoulder to wait and lay down the law.

5. Aforementioned truck would pass and I would get behind them and start tailgating/ pressuring them back down the mountain.

6. Best part. Instead of going slow to get revenge most of thesde darwin awardees would actually try and outrun a CAR that weighs a ton less down a challenging pass.

OHH the pure JOY and simple Excitement I got out of watching those balding fucks get scared out of their minds as they tried not to understeer off a cliff or into a redwood while simultaneously being hunted down by a shitty Prius... Poetic Justice.

Tailgating those slow pieces of shit was some of the most fun I've ever had driving despite years of enjoyment in a B-spec Legacy.

Seeing as almost all pick-up drivers are easily butthurt over this issue I'd like to conclude this story with some notes.

Anonymous said...


-The vast majority of truck drivers are the last people who would or could use a truck. Same for the SUV twats.

-No matter how good you think you are at driving... you're awful. Trust me. You don't know anything and would get scraped by an economy car on any ROAD course because your in a (you guessed it) ...Truck.

-Prius (not that I'm defending their slow spongy tendencies) run consistent 17's and even 16's on a 1/4 mile.

9/10 stock pick ups on the street dont (or barely) run 18's. The prius is faster than you off the line... to 50... and probably all the way to about 110 where it tops.

*Remember that next time you "haul major ass" at 85mph past everyone on a highway.

Ohhh and Btw this is coming from someone who loves watching a TT Raptor rip 14's at their local strip. Unfortunately raising your truck doesn't make it a SVT. It makes it unstable around corners.

-The excuse that you need your truck for weather or mud/snow (in BayArea California especially) is irrelevant. While living in New England I towed trucks out of peoples yards all the time. In an outback. AKA the type of car that makes most of your truck fans idiots for even owning pick-up.

-Most (not all of course) 4x4 wagons can swallow rougher terrain. Climb better, Travel through deeper snow, and of course carve down a paved mountain pass faster, safer, and more efficiently... (Many with a nice short throw 5-speed too)

So there it is... from a car person...

A short story and rant about why trucks (and SUVS) are generally the most useless pieces of shit out there on the roads today.

I always disdained trucks but my time in California showed me why I truly hate them. Useless... pieces of crap that you probably bought because you fell into a marketing demographic.

Have fun with your center of gravity you fat fucks. Ohhh and get the fuck out of my way.

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with pick up trucks. It's some of the drivers that piss me off. The whole tailgating thing is annoying as all get out. I have a Jeep TJ (wrangler in The United States) so I don't drive a car but I also don't drive like a bag of shit. I try and respect other drivers on the road.

Anonymous said...

Most of you guys don't know the reason why trucks may tailgate you. I own a lifted diesel Ford Super Duty. I hate small cars, first of all because they could do 100x less what my car can do. Pick-up trucks are for work and having a good time. And most small cars think they drive fuel efficiently, when in-fact most of you narrow-minded sedan drivers think you do, but do exactly the opposite. I tailgate only if I need to, and that is usually with small cars being involved. The reason....they brake so fucking excessively! You don't need to you use your brakes so fucking much and your wasting gas! That is why we tailgate you, we want to conserve gas and brakes which you fuckers don't understand. Most truck drivers, especially lifted, know more about cars than you because they do custom work on them. They have more knowledge about cars and thus chose the pickup for a multitudes of reasons. Most diesel's get as good mpg's as Volvo's, Outback's, BMW's, Mercede's, and with some smart modifications that auto-wise truck owners know, can get much better mpg. Besides diesel, even though thicker is better for us to breathe in than invisible gas smog. Besides having the power being close to a 18-wheeler and 5x more power than a Hyundai, they have surprisingly similar mpg's. Lifted truck drivers are smart about how they drive and they drive efficiently, and make sure of it, while small car drivers drive the least efficient, overusing everything in their car, creating more stress on the car. Truck drivers will get mad at you or blow black smoke most likely because you are not driving efficiently. Besides most small cars I see do many more dangerous maneuvers on the road (cutting across 3 lanes of traffic just so they don't miss the turn, cutting out of a shopping center as quickly as they can), always creating a hazard. Truck drivers drive slowly in traffic creating more of a safe environment then you car drivers zipping in and out. If they drive fast is because the small car driver must be driving non-effeicently, or just wrong. Besides diesel can run on MANY more fuels than diesel alone, making them very versatile for future energy needs, and do not depend on oil companies (all non-diesel's are). Besides my daily-driver SuperDuty runs on free waste vegetable oil so all you small car owners can fuck yourselves! Free fuel and the the epitome of eco-friendly! You are extremely narrow-minded of the versatility of a pick-up.

Anonymous said...

Dude... The faggot above me is the perfect example of why we HATE trucks.

Absolutely perfect. Inferiority complex and all.

You people are pathetic at trying to prove yourselves.

It's laughable.

Anonymous said...

i cant do this. all you ass wholes hate trucks! why! i live in Durant Oklahoma. this is how we make a living. you can tell alot about a man by what he drives if it is a truck he is a man if it is a car he is a pissed off little prick with a napoleon dick! this is my truck 1 1963 c20 she gets a grand 10 miles to the gallon and i like it because im a real redneck! and yes she is a rust bucket!

D.K. said...

Can we start the Redneck Holocaust now? The sooner these cousin fuckers are removed from the gene pool, the better.

Anonymous said...

People that drive trucks for no useful reason have small dick and small brain syndrome, and are more commonly known as “Rednecks”. And if you’re proud to announce to the world of your extra small dick and brain than have at it!

Anonymous said...

You guys are a bunch of butt hurt bitches its not just people in pick ups! I've seen douches in there fucking dumb ass cars go passed me when I'm doing 85. So shut the fuck up you dumb mother fuckers and get over it! People drive stupid, its not about the pick up or car its whoever is fucking driving its there mentality not the car or trucks fault you dumb bitches! Get the sand out of your vaginas! Quit trying to hate on farmers because they grow your fucking food you selfish bitch. And I have a small dick because I'm a redneck? I'd give a fuck but I gave it to your mom last night...

Anonymous said...

Pickup drivers are ASSHOLES.
The end.

Anonymous said...

I love this article. I live in a city where the amount of huge lifted trucks and SUVS out number the amount of cars on the road by far, and it's usually just one asshole per truck driving so fast you fear for your life on the roads. What is the purpose? Because they think they are hot shit in their huge lifted trucks. Enjoy paying out the ass for gas you fucking losers.

Anonymous said...

Well I do live on a farm, and I haul my dirtbikes in my truck every weekend. I don't hate cars my wife even drives a CRV... but I do hate whiny little bitches, and fags, and niggers. But that's just me. You can say it's because I'm close minded or don't know any, but I didn't hate any of them until 4 years in the military and being surrounded by you fucking idiots everyday.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this article was obviously written by an inexperienced little kid who probably can't even drive yet. People drive trucks because they like to, and as I recall this is America and we are free to drive whatever we want. I drive a pickup and I am an accountant. But, I do enjoy working on projects on the weekend adn being able to haul a couch if I need to. Just remember that the next time you buy a couch, bed or something else that's too large for you to squeeze into your little sedan car or SUV, that $100+ extra you pay to have it delivered...I didn't have to pay it.

As far as the tailgating goes, I will agree that the trucks are at fault "sometimes." Part of the reason is probably because some people don't realize that when you put bigger tires on a vehicle it messes with the speedometer and causes you to be going faster than it reads. Therefore, they think you are going slower than you actually are and ride your ass because of it. The other side is that there are plenty of people in cars that do actually drive slow and it does piss us off because we want to drive at a consistant and efficient speed. Whether I am driving my truck or a car though, I will ride your ass if that happens, you just notice it more when it is a big truck that's filling your rearview mirror instead of jut a close-up of a little car or SUV.

Next subject to cover is the Prius guy who made all the claims about how fast his Prius was. First off, yes, you probably did get treated poorly by almost all of the pickups because it is well-known to us that Prius drivers almost always seem to have an attitude that we are a "problem" and they are the solution in their little hybrid car (which has a giant battery that has to be disposed of somehow...). You fully admit that the Prius is not really the answer to all the envirnmental issues so I definitely give you some good credit for that. However, as far as your Prius being faster than ALL those pickups, I think not. Yes, you can handle corners better, because you drive a tiny car. But I know from experiance that my lightly modded diesel pickup has beaten a Prius before, blew it away actually. As a matter of fact, I have actually raced a V6 firebird (I know, not a V8 but still...) off the line at a stop light and beat him. So no, your Prius was not "faster" than all those trucks.

Finally, all you drivers that complain about how you're terrified to be in an accident with a truck because they are so big and you have fear for yourself and your family, well I just have to say that is one of the reasons I enjoy driving my truck. I don't want to worry about how bad it will be if I get hit by a truck or SUV while i'm driving a smart car or Prius, so I drive a truck. While accidents are never good and I certainly don't wish poorly on ANYBODY (unlike the author and his poor life values), I want to know that if I am in an accident, whether it's my fault or not, I am in a vehicle that will protect me and not get crumpled up like a tin can.

I think there are all types of people and while trucks are not for everybody, there are plenty of people that do enjoy having and driving them. It doesn't matter if they truly use them or not, sometimes it's just the comfort of knowing they could use them if needed that gives them their satisfaction in owning them. There is nothing wrong with anybody wanting to own whatever they want, whether it be a small car, sedan, SUV or a truck. You are free to own what you want so do so. Not all pickup drivers are model citizens on the highway but neither are all small car, sedan or SUV drivers. There is nothinf wrong with owning a truck and the author shouldn't have gone on such a poorly executed rant because of "his" experiences and should take much more value in human life than he has conveyed through is childish article.

BootySweat said...

I love BIG OIL!

Anonymous said...

You must have voted for obama

your talking about in america right, last i checked were free to do what we please, now carry on with something else

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of ass clowns!!.

1300 Lbs/ft said...

You are the biggest fucking moron. The world runs on pickup trucks. Who builds the shithole apartment you live in? Guys in pickups. Who fixes your appliances? guys in pickups. Who fucks you lady when you're away? Guys in pickups. Go fuck yourself. And be sure to stay the fuck outta my way or else I'll run you clean into the ditch.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I drive a pickup. My only vehicle. I some farming and contracting work on the side. Not that I have to justify the type of vehicle I drive to anyone. Typical morning drive to work, I set my cruise control @about 5 over the speed limit. I catch up to (usually) a small car. I go around said car(4 lane divided highway), never adjusted my speed. Move back in the right lane. Short while later, same car I passed finds gas pedal and goes around me, then moves over into the right lane. Almost without fail, same car slows back down because he/she really didn't want to go that fast, anyway.

So, now I'm catching up to the car AGAIN. At this point I'll usually get closer to tailgating them than normal to "remind" them that they wanted to go faster. Sometimes they speed back up to their "new" speed, sometimes I go around them again only to repeat the process.

This happens on just about a daily basis on my commute. Some trucks do it too. About 95% of the offenders are cars, though.

Anonymous said...

I am not going to lie I HATE TRUCKS! but again I am not going to lie I HATE HYBREIDS there slower then frozen piss. I change oil for a living and truck are a pain in the ass to do ford are the worst. I hate when people bring there tuck in for a oil change after going mudding. if you go mudding get your tuck cleaned before bring it in! unless you like having oil every where in side you truck after we are done. not to talk about those tire people put on them there a pain to balance right then you come back and complain when you ride ruff. if you don't like do it yourself are make sure you under stand what we are having to do for you. My bet is most people who jack up there truck never touch them after words to do there own work on them. that is way I hate pickups and suvs. not to say you cant do auto crossing in a suv are a pickup truck.

yes I will say I have pass few pickup then slowed down to the my cursing speed after I passed them because the where not speed up fast enough. now when they I just think this all could have been avoided if they would just get going faster and not try to get 30 mpg in a truck.

now the hybrid drive put your foot on the gas and go the speed limit and don't take for ever to get to it same to the trucks people if you don't want to pay for gas there is buses for you to take it is stupide to be going 40 mph when getting on the highway when the speed limit is 70 mph.

yes I drive a beetle for a every day drive not to say I race it too. and I get about 25mpg mixed driving and I drive like a bat out of hell off of the lights then I stay about 5 mph above the speed limit.

to each his on what they drive just think of other and what might get on there nerves and not just of your self. now I am the first to say I am guilty of that for more often then not but I am working on it to.

Anonymous said...

90% of pick up drivers are redneck assholes. They drive like their retarded ass is on fire. Most of the rear-end accidents that I see in CA involves a redneck in a pick up truck. I am tired of them tailgating me. I hope your trucks explode.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the article, and hate them as well. First off, the owners of them are all hicks who drink beer while driving and throw the bottles and cans all over the place with no respect for the land and the other property owners. And then when the last beer is gone, they throw the whole case out the window too! It doesn’t get much more low class than that, and these bastards are everywhere doing it! Secondly, unless you are towing a big trailer, there is no need to be driving a big, powerful pickup. But these hicks use them as regular passenger cars. And why the police dont ticket them is beyond me. Its as if pickup truck driers have a free pass to break the law. The third reason I dont like them is because over half of their owners take the time to remove the mufflers off of them just to be as annoying as possible. As if the whole town needs to know when there driving from point A to pint B! The muffler was installed on there for a reason you morons! Leave it alone ! I dont want to hear your vehicle when Im relaxing in my home! This is pure idiocy! Wow, these assholes have no brains at all! And then the fourth reason why I don’t like them is because there just so fucking ugly! I mean, really, you guys who think that these Ford pickups that are as big as a house are good looking have absolutely no taste at all! You wouldn’t know what good looking is! Now lets take a look at a 1973 Buick Riviera. That’s a nice looking vehicle. How about a 79 Lincoln, or even an 85 Regal. The new Mustang is even a pretty cool car. These are all low- profile cars. There aerodynamic. But these huge-as-house pickups that are so popular are tall, making them less aerodynamic, which uses more fuel, makes more noise, and in the end there just low class work vehicles which I would love to own if I had a boat to tow. Yes, then Im sure I would like it, but you sure as hell wouldn’t catch me using it as a regular passenger car. I am just sick as fuck of all these noise making low class morons all over the place!!

Anonymous said...

I fucked your mom in her ass in your truck

Anonymous said...

Seen the new ads for the Colorado? - right on the money. Nothing to do with utility, just about getting your truck a$$ in the air. When was the last time you saw a truck actually carrying something? It's all about ego, and trucks are the least competent vehicles on the road, but are driven in the worst way possible. I drive a Corvette in Truxass, Texas and I can count on a truck doing something real stupid every time I drive because he feels so challenged simply by the presence of a Corvette. Oh, and all that garbage all over the road - think it blew out of a car?

Anonymous said...

I live in south east Arkansas and there are many many many douchebags that ride big trucks and Apparently all of them have tiny dicks. I Drive a fucking Toyota Camry Solera And my dicks not tiny. my whole family are red necks and they're all terrible people, As well as every other obnoxious redneck. Pickup trucks don't own anything except the tiny acorn glued to the bottom of your torso you call ur dick.

Anonymous said...

I drive a pickup truck. Do I need one? No. I do it for safety. Believe me if you want, I don't care but I have been in 5 accidents in 3 years. None were my fault. First one I was driving a little bonds civic when a truck hit me head on. My car burst into flames and I have been injured ever since it happened in 2010. Then I bought a truck to be safe. 6 months after that accident I got rear ended by someone doing 60 mph. My truck was fine and I had minor injuries. Then I got rear ended 3 times again after that. I will continue to drive my big gas guzzling truck to the office as long as it keeps safe from stupid drivers.

Anonymous said...

Everything you said does not justify pickup drivers drive 20-30 miles over the speed limit andtailgate other cars or trucks. you need to keep an optimal and safe distance between your ducking truck and the vehicle in front of you. it is about safety and not about the shape or the brand of the car in front of you. but of course I do not think you will understand what I am saying stupid f***

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had personal experience with Napoleon' s dick. nobody is saying all pickup or truck drivers. they are saying most of them and they are right

Anonymous said...

You are a jackass with a little peanut. were you raped in the military?

Anonymous said...

Yesterday a Lifted Chevy 3500 dualie backed in my wife's car. Damage to 3500 $.10 and our Honda was totaled. We were lucky to survive. That truck has never been off road, hauled a single board, or hauled a trailer. The twit driving just wanted to be safe, drive like an idiot, and try to intimidate all the small cars on the road. People who drive trucks that are not needed for employment should pay double the gas taxes and three times the insurance. It's the trucks that make the roads unsafe. BTW if you tailgate me, I will knock out the tooth you have left. you ignorant bastards.

Anonymous said...

Look I own a pickup myself and I just have to say not everybody is an asshole that drives one me and some friends are just interested in them just like how you sometimes see guys driving cars with different upgrades around where I live we just like them we don't go around roaring exhaust pipes and blowing smoke on them we just drive them and live like normal people

Anonymous said...

I hate all non-work applications of trucks. Here's why:

1) Trucks handle like shit. Even a shitty car can easily out perform you on a moderately twisty (ie non-arrow straight) road. If you're in a truck and you're on a mountain road, you're in everyone's way. That mile-long queue of cars behind you? Yeah, that's because you can't take a fucking corner at the speed limit and are constantly on your brakes. If you had even a modicum of decency, you'd pull the fuck over and let the competent drivers through. But instead, you're just in the way like a beached whale, creating visual pollution for those wih the misfortune to be stuck behind you.

2) Trucks can't stop for shit. I saw some dipshit recently with 26" wheels on his late-model Silverado. That slab of GM malaise had brake rotors that were maybe an inch bigger than the ones on my car, which weighs at least 2000 lbs less than the hideous truck. Combined with the typically shitty tires trucks have, heavy wheels (unsprung rotational mass), garbage suspensions, and elephantesque weight, good luck stopping your compensation device. And luck isn't enough, because the "commanding road view" and sense of entitlement it creates means you tailgating shitlords are the first to slam into the back of the thing in front of you or swerve wildly to avoid it when shit goes wrong on the road. If you want to modify your stupid fucking truck, buy some fucking brakes. Like, maybe some 15" rotors and six-piston calipers, because that's what you fucking need for your flab machine.

3) Trucks sound like shit. If you think your truck sounds good, you are wrong. V8 burble belongs in a muscle car, and it sounds fucking stupid if it's connected to an automatic transmission like 100% of trucks from the past decade have. Torque converters ruin the fun. In the event that your truck runs on diesel, the fuel of satan, your truck is going to sound like a disposal filled with nails and broken glass. It sounds like shit, and everyone other than shitheels wearing flat-billed caps and sporting their TAPOUT tattoos hates you for ruining their day for polluting the air with the sounds of a trash compactor running at 6,000 rpm.

4) Speaking of diesel, you can go fuck yourself a second time for making the air smell like shit. While the rest of us go about our day, perhaps enjoying a bit of fresh air, you seemingly take immense pleasure in blasting rank soot all over the place to ruin the fun. I guess I understand why you want to make everyone else miserable, though; I'd hate myself too if I had to drive a stupid Cummins-powered slab of shit Dodge when I could have bought a Porsche Cayman instead.

Anonymous said...

5) Trucks are slow, and you're in the fucking way. "Fast" trucks are only vaguely quick in a very straight line, and they run out of steam quickly. I can only assume this is why you fuckwits sit in the left lane of the freeway plodding along at 60 mph. Though you seem to get pretty butthurt when a dinky turbo car whips past you at 90mph, and you're compelled to give chase and pass to re-establish your ego boundary. Sadly for you, 100+ is the stuff of your dreams, where many cars are *limited* to 155mph due to safety concerns. Watch me drop from 6th to 5th and take off like a fucking missile while you scream over the 130dB din of your stupid mud tires and 5000rpm redline, fuckface.

6) Trucks are weak shit in poor weather. Combine your high center of gravity with a front-heavy weight bias and trash fucking tires, and you dipshits are usually the first ones spinning madly off the freeway when it starts to snow. When you're not doing that, your compensation tool makes you feel like you're fucking invincible on snow/ice, so you're compelled to go Mach fucking one or tailgate anyone driving remotely sensibly. Result? Per 2), you can't stop for shit, and you fucking rear-end shit, crash into people's yards, and end up on your roof in a ditch. I drove through a blizzard in Texas (yeah, that's a thing) driving a manual-gearbox sports car with summer tires and no ABS, TCS, or any of that bullshit. No fucking problems. It was the Viagra-beholden drivers of trucks that felt it necessary to cause 30-car pile-ups and waste the rest of our lives due to their general fucking stupidity.

7) Truck drivers always feel like they can bully drivers of small cars out of the way. Merging at 30 mph onto the freeway with an 80mph limit? Fuck you, Mini Cooper, I'm a goddamn TRUCK. Need to make a left turn but you're in the far right lane, one block from the intersection? Eat shit Mustang and step on those brakes, I'm a goddamn TRUCK and I don't give a flying FUCK. You shitheels force your way into traffic and then you're in everyone's goddamn way with your slow, smelly, loud, shitty handling pig of a truck.

8) Trucks don't fit in parking spaces, and you can't park for shit on top of that. So, needless to say, you inevitably end up parking your 30' long wall of bullshit over the line next to a small car, because fuck that pussy, he doesn't need to be able to get into his fucking car later. You also make it such that the small car driver can't see shit when they're trying to back out next to your stupid fucking truck, having to cautiously and blindly edge into the lot where other fucking shitlords in trucks fly by at 55mph with total disregard for the car driver who can't even fucking see them. (When you fucks force my to climb in through the trunk because you're so close I can't open my door, I roll down the window and hit your door with my driving hammer, btw.)

I'm not jealous of your stupid shitty fucking truck. It sucks as a fuxking vehicle, and unless you're using it for work, I hate your truck because you're nearly without exception in my fucking way since I'm so much faster than you. I don't even care about that if a) you'd have the decency to get the fuck out of the way when you're inconveniencing everyone else and b) no generally be an antagonistic fucking prick without any provocation, beyond the fact that you seemingly hate all people in small cars because they're "fags." Driving a small car means I'm not compensating for anything, dicknuts. That, and I'm a woman anyway.

I have places to go and shit to do other than deal with your ego issues. Leave me alone, stop driving like shit around me, stop trying to prove a point to me. I don't give a fuck. And if you drive a Cummins Dodge and your main pastimes are rolling coal and drinking keystone during my morning commute, know that there's a special ring of Hell reserved just for you

Anonymous said...

As a semi driver with almost a million miles. I hate pickups as well. Most of them think that they are better than you and pass like ass holes. Then pass one car length in front of me on a downgrade. IT'S HARD FOR AN 18 WHEELER TO PULL 78000 LBS UP A HILL OR TAKE OFF FROM A STOPLIGHT! YOUR PIECE OF SHIT PICKUP TRUCK IS NOT THE NUMBER ONE VEHICLE ON THE ROAD. THE 18 WHEELERS ARE. NOT 4 WHEELERS! WE CANT STOP ON A DIME AND GIVE 9 CENTS CHANGE! Unless you are a farmer or construction worker you don't need a big stupid pickup to show off and act like your big and bad.

Anonymous said...


Cannon L said...

I hate people that are different than me. I hate that other people enjoy different things me. Thats what that entire article sounds like. You are worse than the kind of people you speak of.

Anonymous said...

I really needed this today. After years of being bullied in my smaller "pussy" cars, I finally had the pleasure of being chased down and cornered, then purposely hit by a douche bag in a lifted pick up.
You are all on point. I find the usual suspects to be either younger white trash, or super angry middle aged pricks angered by their shriveling balls and probable lack of real sex.
God forbid I had flipped my car, had a small child as a passenger, or any other terrible possible scenario. I'm sure all of these things have occurred as long as these small dick bullies are free to roam the roads.
I pray they all shoot blanks.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the military too, you bigoted piece of shit, and trucks are still fucking obnoxious.

Anonymous said...

One question, u mad bro? I'll drive what I want, when I want.... You mean prick..

Sean said...

You people sound like a bunch of faggots... Why don't you mind your own fuckin business? I frankly don't give a shit what you drive, or don't drive because I don't let this dumb shit bother me.... if your gonna have a heart attack the next time a big ol mean truck driver tailgates you, then please see a psychologist, or stop being a bitch and move over....so what!? Holly shit y'all sound like a bunch of bitch asses.

Anonymous said...

Mind your own business? Car drivers typically DO. Assholes on trucks cause risks to everyone else on the road. How is it not our business when some asshole with headlights and bumpers at eye level and an extra 3000lbs of gas wasting mass cuts us off?. Every bastard in a truck should lay the gas guzzler tax. Funny how that only applies to cars.. How retarded is that?

Anonymous said...

Right on! You are 100% correct. Marry me!

rydeezy said...
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Anonymous said...

A 23ft pickup truck should never be allowed to park in a standard 18ft parking space. Tow the bastards, please.

I drive a European sports car that has multiple saved settings for various drivers. I have one set so the mirrors reflect the headlamps of a tailgater back in their eyes.

rydeezy said...

^^ Lololol! i do the same thing! i wish i had presets for my mirrors though. i have to manually move them everytime... which is like every damn street light!, because everyone, even grandma, seems to be driving one of those faggot fucking trucks around. die truck scum mother fucker

Anonymous said...

Freakin' love this post. I've been waiting eight weeks for the body shop to put my car back together after a 26-year-old bitch texting and driving her boyfriend's F150 rammed me at a light. Of course, after the police officer left the scene, she drove off like, "la la la," as I waited in the dark for a tow truck. The body shop guys said they have literally never had a car with so much internal damage...every time they pull off a layer to fix it, there's even more damage underneath. Insurance company should probably have just totaled my car, they had no idea of the layers of issues. At any rate, I hope whatever that bitch was texting that night was pretty damned important, because thanks to her, I've been making car payments on a vehicle that's been sitting at a body shop for two months. I'd like to punch her in the face.

And ever since she hit me, I've been observing the totally asshole behavior of people in pickup trucks who have absolutely zero reason to be driving a pickup.